My story is one of paths that wander and then intersect, sometimes braiding together for a time, sometimes not. Always woven through with the bright threads of curiosity, creativity, and stubbornness. The stubbornness serves me  well when faced with new things, I am a person who likes to figure things out.

The Arts and Crafts path skips along happily with the Book Worm path and the Attention To Detail path. I recently retired as a dental hygienist, and am eager for a new place to be picky (and gentle!) I have a counseling practice that keeps me learning about all the different ways we are in the world, our hopes and regrets and longings.  

I am an enthusiastic photographer, with a special focus on light, texture, and nature. There is an art legacy in our family, my dad, sisters, and niece particularly outstanding. I have an eye for a certain esthetic, as well as an inner sense for what looks right on a page. 

11 years ago I built my first website. I've learned a lot since then, and today I am ready to help you build yours.

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